Somebody Made This
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A satirical podcast about crowdsourced inventions. Tune in to hear Garth and Alex discuss a new product every Sunday.

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    High Tech Gold Pan

    Today we go prospecting and find out if there's gold in them thar hills with a space age gold pan that anyone can use. Find out more about this product here:

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    Coolest Cooler

    Today it's Alex that brings the invention to the gang. A multi-purpose blending, charging, rolling cooler for that Jimmy Buffett lifestyle of your dreams. Find out more about this product here:

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    Survival Belt

    Today we talk about a survival belt for those who want to survive the apocalypse in style. We also welcome our brand new guest host Eliot.

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    Somebody Got This: Laybag

    In this very special episode we revisit the Laybag— because Garth got one.

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    Das Keyboard

    In this episode we review the Das Keyboard 5Q, the cloud connected keyboard

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